the final stretch

“your only limit is you.”

#gasparillahalf – last training run

it’s the final stretch. and with my final training run complete before running gasparilla half marathon, it’s now all a waiting game. sometimes that’s the worst part – because at this point (at least for me), i know that i can’t really do anything more to be prepared for this race. but now is the time to reflect on all the work that i have completed leading up to race day – and like the quote above says, the only limit in our way is typically ourselves. whether it’s doubt, nerves, or frustrations – it’s all about remembering the hard work and dedication that you have accomplished. sometimes i even forget that i’ve already completed 2 half marathons so far this year, plus numerous other races.

so a quick reflection on my last training run. completing just a quick and easy mile, this run was a way to stay loose and keep my body moving. honestly it was exactly what i needed this week. even though it was only a 10 minute run, it was the right amount of time to clear my mind and get excited for the weekend ahead. and at this late in the game, all i can do now is JUST HAVE FUN.

be sure to stay tuned for #gasparillahalf updates .

until next time

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