all about momentum

img_4707i recently came across momentum jewelry as i was browsing through instagram. honestly, i feel like now-a-days that’s how most of us find great items and ideas – through social media outlets. whether it’s a recommendation or something that catches your eye, we can count on the social universe to introduce us to new things. and am i glad that i came across this company.

so what is momentum jewelry? it’s a company that prides itself on motivation, passion and living a healthy lifestyle. and we all know that sometimes (normally at some point of every day) we need that little motivation – to get us through a project at work, to get us through that run, or even just a friendly reminder that “you are enough.” ironically enough, i ordered that particular motivate wrap as it immediately spoke to me. i tend to be a perfectionist by trade, and maybe a little bit of a worrier, so having that motivation on my arm will be a constant reminder to live life and know that you are being the best that you can be.

but while i wait for that motivate wrap to come it, i fell in love with another saying that i happened to find at Fit2Run at disney springs – “have courage and be kind.” a quote from cinderella, it (1) speaks to my love for disney and (2) displays what i believe is the best way to live. and with positivity/motivation now around my wrist – i know that i will be able to tackle any day. i highly recommend checking out momentum jewelry – great for yourself or even a gift. and fun fact: you can actually get one custom-made with your favorite mantra, if it’s not already available.

until next time – #findyourspark

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