date night – disney resort style

still need those last minute plans for valentine’s day, or just a fun date night? well, orlando locals (and visitors) look no further than date night – disney resort style. this past weekend, keith and i decided to take a night out on the town to the monorail line resorts. being so close to property has its perks, and this is definitely one of them. deciding to “mini monorail hop” (we didn’t get to all three resorts) between disney’s grand floridian and polynesian village resorts.

img_4639while we had a blast at trader sam’s grog grotto, i’d say the best part of the night was relaxing and enjoying dinner in the lounge at citricos – one of our favorites on the monorail line. described as having a mediterranean ambiance, it allows you to unwind and select from a robust list of wines and exceptional food. and ultimately, it allows us to spend quality time together – no phones – just each other’s company. that’s the greatest part of it all, engaging in conversation and creating those moments that will last a lifetime. granted, the food and wine were absolutely incredible too – selecting a bottle of barolo, charcuterie to share and each a DELICIOUS ribeye. seriously one of the best steaks i think that i have had, mouth-watering and cooked to absolute perfection. and you can’t have a wonderful steak dinner without dessert which topped off what was already an unforgettable night.

so if you want to have a wonderful date night that is a little unconventional, especially for your “normal” disney get-away, visit these select resorts for a time to remember. and remember, you can customize your “monorail hop” to your favorites – whether it’s california grill, ohana, or even chef mickey’s – there is something for everyone!

until next time

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