journey to gasparilla half

steady consistent pace, gearing up for #gasparillahalf
steady consistent pace, gearing up for #gasparillahalf

and the journey to my third half marathon within two months begins. with my beat up knees, i always like to take a little more time to recovery from my half marathons – yes, four knee surgeries will do that to you – with saturday being my first run since celebration half. and am i glad that i took that time to recoup – running a great 2 mile run. since i technically PR’d over the walt disney world half marathon weekend BUT it wasn’t an official time – it’s my goal to PR AGAIN at gasparilla half marathon at the end of february. it’s amazing what we will do for a good proof of time for future races (runner’s brain for sure).

to accomplish this goal, i really want to be able to stay consistent with my pacing – not going too fast or slow. that way i know i am able to maintain that speed throughout the run. i feel like most of us, especially during a race, feel amazing at the beginning then really feel that fatigue at the end. i know i am guilty of it, and it’s right when you hit that wall when pace consistency goes right out the window. ultimately i want to prevent that as much as possible, and i found an incredible pace feature on my garmin forerunner 230 that will help me stay within a pace range – alerting me if i am going too fast or slow. this past saturday – i tested it out, and wow – what a feature. setting my pace range between 9:45 to 10:30 – i rarely had to look down at my watch to check my pace, which for me is a life saver. unless my watch beeped, i knew i was steadily within my range.

if you have a goal pace (and using a garmin), i highly recommend utilizing this feature. definitely more of a stress-free way to train, rather than continuously looking down at your watch.

until next time

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