bachelor: featured wine

it’s that time of the year again…bachelor season. and naturally, we’ve continued on with the tradition to host “family night dinners” AND wine in celebration of the new season. and this week, we decided to stick to one of our favorites: cooper’s hawk cabernet zinfandel. with a dark ruby color, this wine has a very solid structure and combination of spices, making it a great “go-to” blend for us (as a note, we tend to like a little heavier and bolder wines). honestly, this wine is exactly what everyone needed after a long day of work – and after realizing the bachelor didn’t record in entirety. thank goodness for online log-ins and HDMI cables – i mean, how could we miss the entertainment for the week.

and to pair with our featured wine, we decided to try making homemade “chipotle” style bowls – filled with lime cilantro brown rice, mexican spiced shredded chicken and toppings galore. honestly, i was quite surprised with how it turned-out. a few improvements here and there, but overall a successful meal. that’s what i love about our family dinners – it’s not always about how amazing the food and wine were, but about the company. we’ve been keeping this tradition going – and i don’t see that stopping anytime soon.

be sure to check out other cooper’s hawk wines HERE and until next time.

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