celebration half

#celebrationhalf BLING
#celebrationhalf BLING

well, half marathon number 2 in the books for 2017. hard to believe that come february, i will already be over half way through my goal for the year. now, with that being said, i’m pretty sure i’ve had the worst luck with weather so far this year – i mean one race getting cancelled, then cold and rainy throughout celebration half. yes it is hard to believe, but it does get cold in florida – we didn’t really get out of the 40s on sunday.

however, even though the weather may not have been the greatest for the race – it ended up being a fantastic race day for all of us. myself being extremely proud of keith – in his second half marathon, he hit a sub-3 hour time AGAIN! and this time we stuck with the 2 mile run, couple minute walk for about 10 miles – then broke it down into quarter mile increments since the fatigue started kicking in. by breaking it up into those quarters, it allowed us to consistently keep moving – especially since the rain started to really fall toward the end of the race…which ultimately led to some joints tightening up. oh how the body has a mind of its own sometimes. after running this year, i know that i will definitely want to run this course again. it was absolutely beautiful running throughout the community – with even a few parts of the trail running on lovely boardwalks surrounded by nature. and i mean, you can’t beat the post race celebration – food and drinks from all of the local celebration restaurants.

but, now for a couple days of rest – and then back into training. run 4 love in a few weeks, and then my hopeful repeat of my “unofficial wdw half marathon” at the gasparilla half marathon. i really want that official proof of time this year, even though i know i hit my PR.

until next time

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