lady track shack 5k

virtual lady track shack 5k
virtual lady track shack 5k

it’s officially a week away from the celebration half marathon, and the training continues on. and for me, i actually threw in a “race” in the middle of some normal training to support a greater cause. as most of you know, i love orlando local track shack races – and i was extremely bummed when i saw that the 40th lady track shack 5k was the same weekend as celebration half marathon. thankfully, i saw on the website that they were offering a “virtual race” option as well.

now why did i was to participate in this race so badly? well, this race supports the florida hospital breast cancer care fund – a fund that was created to help save the lives of women who cannot afford clinical breast cancer exams and annual mammograms – to fight against breast cancer. and growing up, specifically in college, breast cancer awareness was a huge initiative that i supported through the alabama gymnastics team. and since then, it’s always been something that i want to support whenever i can. so the virtual option was a no brainer for me to participate in.

and since i was already training for celebration, i decided the complete my virtual lady track shack 5k yesterday. sporting a pink shirt, i took a nice stroll (actually figuring out a great new route) around the community, averaging a 10:00 minute pace. while it was a great run, it actually looks like this will be my last run leading up to celebration – as my knee/upper leg started acting up post-run. i figured that i would rather be safe than sorry, especially since my knees can already be fidgety to begin with. so here’s to some rest before next sunday. i seriously can’t wait to run with the “fab four”.

until next time

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