race to celebrate

#celebrationhalf training
#celebrationhalf training

well, just like that – i am a week and a half away from my second half marathon the year. sometimes i think i was extremely brilliant for planning all of these races back-to-back (i mean, built in training) and then other times where i think i was completely insane. oh the runner’s brain. i must say, i think i am most looking forward to this race because i get to run it with my love, my best friend and her boyfriend. we’re the four best friends that anyone can have…

i am seriously just amazed with how motivating this sport can be, especially when you are surrounded by incredible friends and family who support you the whole way. i mean, a year ago keith and i would’ve never said that this would be the second half marathon we are running together. but here we are – we caught the runner’s high. and with celebration half coming up in less than 2 weeks, we are pushing strong with training – completing a 6 mile run last night. sticking to our plan of run two miles, walk 3 minutes (plan for the half marathon) – we weaved in and out of our neighborhood, kicking butt and taking names. well not really, but you know what i mean. i love getting to run with keith – it allows me to be a motivator and supporter during the run – and i mean you can’t beat sharing these moments. sharing in the accomplishments, the tough times…that’s what it’s all about – being there for one another.

only a few more days until celebration half – check back for more updates.

until next time

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