park ave 5k

park ave 5k results
park ave 5k results

it’s like i can’t get enough of running or something…i mean a half marathon last weekend and a 5k the weekend after?! i must be crazy. but through all the craziness, i always love race days. when you’re training, you can’t fully emulate the feeling that you get right before the race starts…the nerves, the excitement. heck, that’s why i became a track shack fanatic this past year AND i just completed the 4th race in the series: park ave 5k.

and just like last weekend, my best friend joined along for the fun (yes my kick ass best friend runner). needless to say, i only kept up with here for…oh about 5 minutes. but i was extremely proud of my race – averaging between an 8:55-9:00 minute pace. definitely a lot faster than my normal speed, especially during those longer races. that’s why i love these shorter races – it allows me to push through some boundaries and test my limits. at some point, i’d love to run an 8 minute pace for a 5k – but i have plenty of time for that. and like i always say, that’s the beauty of running – you always have another run, another goal – something to strive for. and the results – well my best friend kicked butt and placed 5th in our age group, while i ended up 15th in our age group. honestly, something i definitely was NOT expecting to do at all today. and overall, like always track shack put on an amazing race throughout winter park. it always amazes me how seamless their events are, and they never disappoint.

but, another race at the end of the month – celebration half marathon. and then, run 4 love 4 mile – the fifth in the track shack series.

until next time

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