la nouba

well, the holiday reminiscing continues…and ironically enough – that means another cirque du soleil show to highlight. as most of you have read already, over the holiday keith and i went to see kurios: cabinet of curiosities under the grand chapiteau in miami. as we were driving back from the show, we realized that we absolutely had the bug to see more shows over the holiday break – particularly la nouba.

now la nouba (for me) holds a very special place in my heart. when I was a gymnast (many moons ago), i actually remember going to the show and saying, “wow i really want my floor music to be from this show”. low and behold, one of my last years as an elite gymnast – i had la nouba’s ‘once upon a time‘ as my floor music. i absolutely loved it because it was extremely quirky and i was able to embrace a character throughout the entire performance. so naturally, the day after we saw kurios – we found ourselves at disney springs making an impulse purchase to see la nouba. now was the time to seize the moment – and there we were, center stage about to “live it up” as the show’s name actually comes from the french phrase “faire la nouba” or “to live it up”.

and what a show it was – just a good as i remember it to be all those years ago. and of course, my favorite part – the trampoline – not surprising coming from a gymnast. and the best part, both cirque shows were so unique that you really don’t see the same thing twice. you’re being told a story through the music, the acting and performances. that’s why i love entertainment, and it doesn’t hurt that we both came from the background through different avenues.

if you’re ever in orlando, check out la nouba – you won’t be disappointed.

until next time


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