the grand chapiteau
the grand chapiteau

wow, can you all believe that it is already creeping up to the middle of january? it always seems crazy to me how time can fly by in an instant and how the holidays seem like they were so long ago. well, we know that isn’t the case – but i still love reflecting on the holidays and the adventures that keith and i had while on break. and one of those adventures was seeing kurios: cabinet of curiosities under the grand chapiteau in miami.

one of cirque du soleil’s more recent shows, kurios transports you into a world where you can alter reality at will. truly fascinating, this show really challenges your mind to think outside of the box and change your perception on things. and quite honestly, it’s hard to pick my favorite performance, but i think if I had to pick it would be the acro net. yes you heard me correctly – the net normally used under a trapeze act – the performers actually tumbled on. absolutely incredible.

and the fact that i got to share this experience with my love – it was the most perfect date night. if you’re in miami, don’t miss your change to see kurios – shows ending on january 29th.

until next time

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