redemption run

#wdwhalf - 6 mile run
#wdwhalf – 6 mile run

as most of you saw a few days ago, i recently had what was probably one of the worst training runs thus far in this cycle of training – i know, it’s bound to happen. however, with that unplanned “shorter” run meant that I still had to complete a 6 mile run prior to the race in january. i actually had considered running this morning, but who are we kidding – i was #teamsleepin as much as i can before work, so i decided on a night run. and man, was i extremely glad that i did – the weather was absolutely beautiful and i was feeling great. much better than the 80+ degree weather on sunday mid-morning.

the biggest accomplishment during this run was the fact that i stayed at an average pace of 10:00 minutes/mile – that’s 1 minute quicker that my target for the half marathon. now if i can only hold that for another 7 miles, then i will be golden to hit my goal. and the beauty, i even negative split on my last mile – coming in at 9:34 minutes/mile pace. now, the eye is on the prize – it’s time to cool it down before #wdwhalf and then hope for the best on race day.

stay tuned for more updates on training runs, and expo post. only 12 days until race weekend.

until next time

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