it’s a new year

some of the essentials...
my favorite running essentials

and i’m back from my holiday hiatus…keith and i were lucky enough to be able to take the week off in-between christmas and new years. something we don’t get to do very often so when we had the opportunity we jumped at the chance. while there are going to be a lot of upcoming posts about our holiday adventures – this one is going to focus more on running, especially since we are only 5 days away from #wdwhalf. i cannot believe how quickly time flew and that race weekend is basically already here.

during my break, i was able to continue some consistent training runs – i’m now focusing on just keeping my legs moving rather than distance. yay for getting my longer run in prior to christmas break. that is something that i’ve really had to learn for myself – timing of runs and what works for my body. every single person is different, for example: i run better when i actually don’t complete as many training runs (thanks to four knee surgeries) while keith does a lot better with more consistent training. it’s all about finding the balance and what works for you – only you know what is best for your body.

and with that i’ve been able to spread out my training runs to keep the body going over the holiday break. my first run “aka post-christmas run” was actually with a good friend who came in from out of town for vacation. even though i do love running by myself sometimes, i find that i love getting to run with others – and running is always a great way to catch up. so naturally, this was our time to get away from the boys and have some girl chat while getting some great exercise in – and yes, it was extremely HOT in south florida for christmas. and since then i’ve been able to train a little bit with keith – knowing that we also both have celebration half coming up at the end of january. whoa, lots of running. but it’s helping us lead a healthy lifestyle, and the running community is absolutely inspiring.

and with that comes only one more training more prior to the weekend – be sure to check back for more holiday adventure posts and my “running goals for 2017”.

until next time

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