may the fork be with you

may the fork be with you
may the fork be with you – light vs dark side

well, the wait is almost over. one final training run has been completed and more importantly, our race shirts are FINISHED. i am so excited to show you all the shirts we have for #winedinehalf. now, you all know that we are star wars nerds – so naturally, we had to incorporate the brand into our race shirts while keeping the wine & dine theme. the final choice – may the fork be with you.

we decided to represent both the light and the dark side – as you can see with our “light saber forks”. i mean we have to channel darth vader and yoda during our half marathon; the force must be present. and thanks to my handy dandy cricut, i was able to easily make our shirts come alive. i seriously don’t know what i’d do without that awesome machine.

hope this inspires some of you to go out and get crafty.

may the force be with you

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