#winedinehalf recap

finish line moment
finish line moment

well, #winedinehalf is officially complete (yes we took yesterday off to rest and maybe visit a couple theme parks). as many of you have read, this was keith’s very first half marathon experience and let me tell you, i am so glad that i ended up running with him. getting to experience someone else’s first half marathon is absolutely incredible. i honestly was more nervous for him than i was for myself this go around – mainly because i wanted to make sure that he crossed that finish line.

and he did absolutely amazing, finishing under 3 hours. now there were definitely some peaks and valleys during the race, but that allowed us to rely on one another and push through. that’s where training together truly paid off since we were able to communicate throughout the entire race; whether we could push through or had to pull back. and i must add, while running through animal kingdom was probably my favorite part of the course – you do not realize how many inclines are in the theme park until you run them (and or walk them after the race is finished).

overall, the race was incredible – runDisney definitely knows how to put on a great race. from the entertainment to the post-party, we enjoyed every minute of the race weekend. and i have to give a shout out to our friends who surprised us to cheer right around mile 8. it’s amazing what a simple friendly face will do in the middle of a race – giving us the boost we needed to carry on and finish strong. on top of that, the support overall has been absolutely fantastic from all of our family and friends.

so what’s next? back to training for #wdwhalf in january to hopefully hit my goal of finishing under 2 hours and 30 minutes.

until next time

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