#winedinehalf wknd is here

i cannot contain my excitement – #winedinehalf weekend is officially here. now, while the half marathon isn’t until sunday – there are plenty of other races and expo visits that will be happening prior to the big day. and for us, that just means a couple more easy training runs before sunday. well, actually the count is now down to one as we did finish a great two mile decompress run last night. keeping a steady pace of 12:34 per minute, we weaved in and out of the lovely town of windermere. and quite honestly, we both felt like we couldn’t easily completed more miles last night. i guess all of that training has paid off?!

more so, last night was a true reflection of where both of us were when we started running to the point of we are at today. it’s quite enlightening that we can easily say “hey, let’s run two miles” like it’s a walk in the park now. it just proves that if you put your mind to something, you can achieve it. that’s really what this weekend is truly about. it’s about crossing items off bucket lists, challenging yourself to a new goal, or simply just having a ton of fun! the best part of running is the community around you – knowing that everyone wants you to have a great race, training run, or whatever it may be. and i must say, we have an incredible support system with our friends and family – actually my best friend is the one who inspired us to start this journey into running. so in honor of going after dreams, i’ll leave you with this:

she’s believed in dreams all right, but she also believed in doing something about them…

 – walt disney
about cinderella

be sure to check out my upcoming blog post about our #winedinehalf race shirts.

until next time

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