t-6 days to #winedinehalf

holy smokes, i cannot believe that we are less than 1 week away from #winedinehalf. it’s hard to believe that all of the training is pretty much completed and race day is approaching quickly. and i cannot tell you how excited i am for this race. not only will it be my second half marathon, but as i’ve mentioned before it’s keith very first half. that alone makes it special and the fact that we will run it together – icing on the cake.

now we still have a couple training runs ahead of us – but short 2 mile runs to keep our legs moving before sunday morning (yes, very early sunday morning). however at least we fall back an hour – celebration for gaining an hour on a short night of sleep. though, i’m sure i will wake up earlier than i need to just out of excitement and nervousness. regardless – it’s almost here and with that i want to provide my list of tips before race weekend (just a few things i learned prior to my first disney half marathon.

  1. plan out your pre-race meal: while the hotel locations have early breakfast options available, i found it easier to purchase my food the night before the race. this way i didn’t have to worry about running to get breakfast in the early morning. thankfully with being local, we are bringing our food with us (and the all important full sized coffee pot).
  2. race transportation: arrive at the transportation stops early! there will be a lot of people staying on property – so if you want to arrive at the start early, plan to be at the bus stop early as well.
  3. have fun: while i tend to be a little competitive in nature (more with my own self), just have fun. the disney races are a blast and they ultimately want to make sure that you have a good time. whether it’s stopping to take pictures with the characters or just observing while running – soak it all in. trust me, while the run is long it does go by extremely fast.

see everyone running #winedinehalf on sunday!

until next time

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