history has it’s eyes on you

it’s incredible that i haven’t written about this sooner, but holy smokes…hamilton. i know i may be speaking more to the awesome theater geeks out there, but even if you’re not inclined to listen to broadway musical music – give this soundtrack a listen. and no, i was never in theater – but i have always loved broadway and had a dream to dance on the broadway stage post-gymnastics. but, i’ll leave that to the experts.

amazon prime music - hamilton
amazon prime music – hamilton

i must admit, i have been completely obsessed with hamilton since learning about this musical – i even immediately downloaded the soundtrack without listening to one sound bite. the concept was so intriguing to me that i had to see what it was all about. and ever since then, i have been hooked AND i haven’t even seen the show yet (extremely jealous of those of you who have). this soundtrack allows me to escape into a different world of history and hip hop (never thought i’d say that in the same sentence) and it’s something that i listen to while i work every single day. and that is a true testament to the musical genius of lin-manuel miranda. he has allowed us to be immersed in this story of someone who not a lot of us really know about, and in such a unique and creative way.

even recently, we watched “hamilton’s america” on PBS – a special on the broadway show that gave us a little background on the inspiration, the story, the music – and so much more. and whoa, to think that this broadway hit came to be all because of lin-manuel reading a biography on hamilton. my mind was blown. not to mention, i absolutely love history – so i’m combining three of my favorite things into one: history, music and broadway. i mean, i can already pretty much repeat the entire soundtrack back and we’ve found ourselves randomly speaking in hamilton lyrics already. again, to repeat we haven’t even seen the show – it is THAT GOOD. now, i just need to figure out how/when we can see this show?!

check out the full PBS special here: hamilton’s america. you will not be disappointed.

until next time

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