epcot food & wine fest

poland - epcot® international food & wine festival
Kielbasa & Potato Pierogi, Okocim O.K. Beer

one of my most favorite times of year has FINALLY arrived…the epcot® international food & wine festival. and i must admit, i’ve already been more than a couple times this year. i mean, when you live in orlando you have to take advantage of it, right?! from food to beer and wine, there is a huge selection to choose from each and every year – always including some of the favorites, but also a few new items. check out some of our favorite items below:

  • Canada: “Le Cellier” Wild Mushroom Beef Filet Mignon with Truffle-Butter Sauce
  • Germany: Roast Bratwurst in a Hard Roll; Radeberger Zwickel Pilsner
  • Patagonia: Beef Empanada
  • Poland: Kielbasa and Potato Pierogi with Caramelized Onions and Sour Cream; Okocim O.K. Beer Euro Pale Lager

this list could really go on as there are so many incredible things to taste and sip around the world. if you haven’t checked out the epcot® international food & wine festival this year, you still have time?! the festival doesn’t end until november 14th, so be sure to get your tickets soon. also, disney annual passholders – don’t forget to pick up your gift after your third visit to the festival. the passholder gift pick up location is located in innoventions east – and i must admit, the branded rocks glass is a great addition to the collection.

until next time

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