u can finish

u can finish 5 mile finishers
u can finish 5 mile finishers

well, another track shack race is in the books – the u can finish 5 mile presented by florida hospital. and this was the perfect race to run leading up to #winedinehalf in just a few short weeks. not only was this a great race due to the distance, but like every track shack race – it was perfectly executed. the course was incredible too.

starting near the bright house networks stadium, this route took us out and around the stadium toward the center of campus. while at the campus center, we weaved in and out – going by beautiful buildings, the fountain and so much more. and that ultimately lead us back to the sports fields, which was my favorite part of the course. i mean who can say that they ran through the ucf baseball and football stadiums during a running race?! and to top it off, we got some pretty awesome bling for this race – a shield to represent the ucf knights.

and truly the best part of the race was sharing it with my love. we didn’t really set any expectations for the race – wanted to just get some more distance in – and we ended up decreasing our average pace by just under a minute. it was absolutely incredible and i couldn’t be more proud. only a few more weeks until the big race update – but until then, we still have a couple more training runs (including an 8-mile distance). wish us luck.

until next time

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