are you rogue?

are you a rogue?
are you a rogue?

well, the countdown to disney’s wine & dine half marathon begins. it is hard to believe that the race is just over a month away. and with that realization comes the thought process of “oh crap, i need to prepare more?!” and what better way to prepare than with some smaller races leading up to the ultimate goal of the half marathon.

some of you may have seen that i signed up to be a track shack fanatic earlier this year, but unfortunately i had to miss the rock n’ run 5k a couple weeks ago due to travels. with missing that race, i had to figure out a way to complete a race in the month of september – my goal still being to complete a race each month in 2016. thankfully i was able to find an awesome virtual race through full medal runs that both keith and i could complete. it didn’t hurt that the theme of this virtual race was star wars, rogue one to be exact (#starwarsnerd alert). and the best part, we can complete the race on our own time.

so with training in full swing, keith and i decided to tackle our virtual 5k last night around our community. that is one thing i love about our new community – we don’t have to really go anywhere to complete a decent amount of miles. and better yet, we get a medal for a training run – i mean, could it get any better? actually it can as once this event is completed AND when all the medals have sold out, full medal runs will actually donate a portion of the proceeds to the Make-A-Wish Foundation. i absolutely love running for a cause, so this stuck out to me when signing up and we actually completed a great run. very consistent in pace, even while battling the rain storm that came through. now to build up to the goal of 8 miles prior to november 6th…#winedinehalf RACE DAY!

be sure to check back for more running and race updates.

until next time

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