for the love of biscuits

mouthwatering bonuts – biscuit love®

oh nashville, how i miss you. it was so amazing to be back in nashvegas this past weekend for a dear friend’s wedding. and with a trip to nashville that meant going to some of my favorite locations, in addition to trying out some new places. and one of those new places we tried was a restaurant called biscuit love®. open from 7am-3pm, this place had a line out the door the entire time we were there – don’t worry though, the line moves pretty quickly. it also allowed us to figure out early on what we wanted to eat. so many choices?!

so decision making time. keith and i started with a selection that was absolutely mouthwatering – the bonuts. what is a bonut you ask? well exactly what you may think – basically a biscuit donut: fried biscuit dough with some lemon mascarpone and blueberry compote. delicious and definitely enough to share amongst a group. now for our individual selections. we both ended up with a biscuit sandwich, however it was definitely not your normal sausage, egg and cheese type of meal. i selected “the princess” which was a big homemade biscuit with nashville style spicy “hot chicken” (i decided against the pickles, mustard and honey on mine). and man, this sandwich certainly had a kick to it – and was INCREDIBLE. while keith’s selection was “the east nasty” – homemade biscuit with a piece of boneless friend chicken, some aged cheddar and sausage gravy. while i didn’t have a chance to try it – i could tell it was delicious since his plate was cleared.

and there really is so much more selection to choose from. if you are ever in nashville, visit the gulch and try out biscuit love® – you won’t be disappointed with the food or the atmosphere.

until next time

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