abracadabar: recap

the parlor trick
the parlor trick

a few days ago, keith and i decided to head on over to disney’s boardwalk inn and villas resort to try out the new abracadabar – located right on the boardwalk. and wow, what a location. we are going to be in trouble because i have a feeling that we will be frequenting this bar quite often. the beauty of being a local in the area.

now the bar is small, but i’d more so describe it was quaint and beautifully put together. from the back-lit bar with their assortment of liquors to the wallpaper, even down to the menu – they definitely didn’t miss on any of the details. i actually ended up ordering something “off menu” deciding on a french 75 – and man did they make this classic cocktail perfectly. some hendricks gin, champagne, simple syrup and lemon juice…simple yet delicious. while keith ended up selecting one of their signature cocktails – the parlor trick. this is their version of a classic old fashioned cocktail that truly celebrates old fashioned magic – made with four roses small batch bourbon, simple syrup and a splash of soda water.

and luckily, we were able to get a covenant seat at the bar – giving us the ability to chat with the bartenders and learn more about this place. we found out it actually ended up opening a little early – who knew?! we can’t wait to spend some more time in this “golden era of magic” bar. highly recommend if you are visiting the walt disney world resort.

until next time

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