crafted – orlando

crafted chicken and waffles
crafted chicken and waffles

happy tuesday everyone. nothing like the beginning of the week…but who are we kidding, we all still wish it was weekend. and what a weekend it was – between keith’s family coming into town to furniture shopping – this weekend was nothing but exciting. especially when i was also able to catch up with a dear friend and old teammate of mine for brunch on sunday at crafted – block and brew.

an adorable place, crafted really prides itself on “crafting” their menu. so truly approaching their menu with an artisan approach. and wow, their brunch definitely didn’t disappoint – on size or flavor. both of us decided to take on the crafted chicken and waffles selection. not made with your typical buttermilk waffle, crafted block and brew gave us a twist by serving our delicious fried chicken with a sage cornbread waffle and sweet maple bourbon syrup. flavor explosion in your mouth. and on top of it, they also have a great brunch bar – a ‘bar’ brunch bar to specify – and we decided on the mimosa bar. but between conversations and catching up, we ended up not even getting the juice (7 different flavors) but finished with just a nice glass of champagne.

if you’re looking for a great brunch location, for a good price, stop by crafted – block and brew.

until next time

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