whoa?! how did i miss this on the disney parks blog. just yesterday disney parks blog author, pam brandon, wrote about the newest cocktail bar at disney’s boardwalk inn and villas resort called AbracadaBar. located between trattoria al forno and flying fish, this location is truly dedicated to the life of “magic”. described as a former stomping ground for famous magicians, illusionists, and all of those lovely magician assistants, this bar truly makes craft cocktails the star of the show.

once inside, guests will get a special peek at the sophisticated social club of some of the most famous illusionists of the 20th century. while it’s rumored that the magicians who frequented the lounge vanished without a trace decades ago, their magic still remains strongly intact, and can be seen, heard, and savored in the bar’s signature cocktails. from its enchanted magic show posters and mystifying mirrors, to vintage props and tricks left behind years ago, AbracadaBar promises to be just as surprising and magical as its name suggests.

excerpt from disney parks blog author, jennifer fickley-baker

after reading the story behind the lounge, i can already tell that this will be a key location for keith and myself. featuring those craft cocktails or “curious cocktails” in addition to old and new world wines AND craft beer selections, this is totally right up our alley. it’s a good thing we love the golden age of magic as well – such a fitting theme for the resort. read more on the disney parks blog about AbracadaBar here.

check back soon for an update on our visit to this location.

until next time

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