give hope & hold ’em

you all may remember my post from a few months ago about the give hope foundation, and this past saturday we were fortunate enough to be invited to the give hope & hold ’em poker tournament and gala. an event that i went to last year, i could not wait for this year’s event.

my handsome date
my give hope & hold ’em date

as you can tell by the name, this was a gala AND a poker tournament, a professionally-managed texas hold ’em tournament to be exact. now i am not a poker player by any means, so i decided to just observe and enjoy the silent auction. in addition if you weren’t a poker player, they had additional casino games, live entertainment and raffle giveaways. it was a classy and fun way to truly bring the feel of las vegas to the orlando area.

but as much as the atmosphere and entertainment was incredible, it’s truly about the cause. this was our opportunity as guests to help raise money for those who need it most – the families affected by childhood cancer. it’s the ability to assist with those absolute needs – food on the table, paying bills, and so much more. and to know that i was able to contribute to such an amazing cause – really made that night worth it. and to enjoy it with friends, made it that much better. it’s nice to have a group of people who care so much about this cause – and know that we are able to take part in something that is so much greater than ourselves.

if you want to learn more about the give hope foundation, be sure to check out their website.

until next time

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