rural society dc

wow, i must say i am very lucky that i am able to work remotely at times so then i can experience the wonders of travel. where did this travel adventure lead me?! well, keith ended up having to travel to washington d.c. for work, so ultimately i decided to tag a long that way we can discover the history behind this beautiful city in the evenings. in addition to the history, we were able to get a little taste of the town and try out some incredible restaurants.

our restaurant selection for last night (our first evening)…rural society dc – a contemporary argentine steakhouse from nationally renowned master iron chef chef jose garces. and let me tell you, once you walk into this place you will be hooked. i literally stepped foot into this restaurant and instantly knew that we were going to have a delicious meal. from the open grill-fired kitchen to the fully stocked bar, the atmosphere of this restaurant really spoke to an authentic element of being whisked away to argentina. and the food…absolutely divine.

delicious starters
only the start of this delicious meal

kpsquared selections 

empanada tucumana
savory pastry, braised wagyu beef belly, smoked chili
grilled aged provolone, arugula, oregano, aji picante
chorizo gaucho
beek & pork sausage
bife de chorizo (ribeye) 12oz
estancia grass fed beef, uruguay
dry aged ny strip 12 oz
prime dry aged ny strip
garlic whipped potatoes, mozzarella curd
grilled wild mushrooms, parsley, truffle
château de parenchère
cabernet sauvignon, merlot, cabernet franc, malbec
bordeaux, 2009

every single item we selected was top-notch. and while it’s hard to choose favorites – i am going to try to pick my top selections. for the appetizer, hands down the empanada tucumana was my favorite. the tender and well-cooked braised shredded beef inside the pastry shell absolutely melted in your mouth. i could’ve had 10 more of those, but we wanted to try so many others things that idea was quickly squashed. as far as the steak, honestly i cannot make a decision. both were absolutely delicious. the fact that these meats are wood-fired really makes the difference on the taste and flavor. i wish more places cooked this way. and while both sides were incredible, the garlic mashed potatoes with the mozzarella curd were so smooth and creamy…a must have. and all paired with a beautifully blended, full-bodied bordeaux. we couldn’t have ask for a better meal in this wonderful city.

and just like the meal, the experience was everything. and to experience this restaurant with my love, that just makes everything so much better. we ended up spending three hours there, wining and dining. and let me tell you, totally worth the time spent. if you ever travel to washington d.c., be sure to check out rural society at the loews madison hotel. you will NOT be disappointed. learn more about rural society here.

until next time

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