bachelorette vino: week 7

oh man, the week of hometown visits on the bachelorette AND my favorite night of the week – “tuesday family dinner”. we actually added to our normal tuesday group, which meant that i had to cook for seven people compared to the normal four. my biggest decision…what to make for this grand gathering of friends.

the bachelorette: week 7 featured wine

i ended up going back to a favorite of ours – a delicious hearty homemade turkey chili that i actually made during week 4 of the bachelorette this season. i figured it would be easiest to make in a bulk size, and it got rave reviews the first time around (recipe here by paleo newbie). now we stuck with the same couple modifications to the recipe – not utilizing the carrots, celery and only used green bell peppers. in addition, i ended up doubling the recipe and cooking it in a huge pot on the stove top instead of the crock pot. huge success. i was so nervous of how it would turn out doubling the recipe, but thankfully it turned out just as good as the first time.

and you can’t have “tuesday family dinner” without a featured wine – highlighting the 2015 cooper’s hawk decadence. a wine that was released in celebration of cooper’s hawk 10 year anniversary, this magnum bottle was absolutely delightful. a smooth red, it was the perfect pair to our chili for the night.

check in next week to see our featured “bachelorette” wine of the week and a new “tuesday family dinner” recipe.

until next time

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