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serenity bay - castaway cay
serenity bay – disney’s castaway cay

wow, that vacation flew by way too fast (note to self: a 3 day cruise is NOT enough time). since we returned, we’ve pretty much been asking ourselves why we still weren’t on a ship. it goes to show that we clearly had a wonderful time together on an incredible ship. from the dinners to the shows (and just strictly relaxing), this was the most PERFECT weekend getaway with my love. the best part – no contact with the real world and completely going off the grid. it allowed us to share some quality time together with no distractions. because as we all know, even if we have date night or a planned get together, sometimes life gets in the way.

so what did we do?! well, honestly not a whole lot. our first day was setting sail from port canaveral – this day is really all about getting comfortable with the lay of the land (or ship). from purchasing our beer mugs – awesome deal by the way – to having a relaxing lunch, we ended up roaming around the ship until our room was ready. and wow, our room! we ended up booking a balcony room on deck 8, off the back of the ship i might add. and holy smokes did we used that balcony a ton. it was the perfect place to relax and open up a bottle of wine while we were cruising the ocean – absolutely beautiful view. we actually spent the majority of day two on the balcony since we decided to not get off the ship at nassau as we both have seen that part of the bahamas before. so between relaxing by the pool, hanging out on the balcony and spending some time in the adult area lounges – we had quite an amazing day. however, the last day was probably one of my favorites – disney’s private island castaway cay (pronounced key). keith and i ended up running the castaway cay 5k – more to come on that – before heading over to serenity bay, the adult only beach. the sight was quite literally like a postcard, too perfect to be true AND we had incredible weather! we may have gotten a little red after so much sun, but it was totally worth it.

to whom my soul loves
my love – kpsquared

in addition to all of the festivities on the boat and private island, there was a theater style show every single night of the cruise. great performances and in honestly what i would compare to a broadway style theater – i seriously don’t know how they fit some much on a ship?! and truly, we didn’t even see half of what we could’ve. needless to say we will definitely be cruising with disney again (i got keith hooked) and a longer cruise for sure.

check back for my update on the castaway key 5k.

until next time

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