fondue and friends

beer cheddar cheese fondue
beer cheddar cheese fondue

even though the bachelorette didn’t air this week, “tuesday family dinner” was still in full swing. and wow was this week a good one! getting away from whole 30 this week, we decided to have an appetizers and dessert night – nothing better than that, right?! so for the appetizers, you all may have guessed from my title that we had some delicious fondue – beer cheddar cheese fondue to be exact. i actually found an incredible recipe on pinterest (click here) that really allows you to make you own modifications based on your preferences. so for this fondue, i decided to use sharp cheddar cheese and guinness – i figured we couldn’t go wrong there and was i right. with sourdough bread, a baguette, vegetables and apples to dip, this cheese was gone quickly! in fact, i was named the cheese master of the night.

in addition to the fondue, we also had a great charcuterie board spread and buffalo chicken dip. we definitely did not skimp on options for the evening. and we paired our appetizer meal with a delicious grenache syrah blended wine – les halos de jupiter costières de nìmes rouge. bold spice, ripe fruit and great depth, this wine was absolutely perfect for the evening.

and to top it off, we ended the night with homemade milkshakes – cake batter or chocolate. i ended up being the lone wolf with the chocolate decision while the rest of the group ended up with cake batter. both were a hit – definitely something that we will make again. and while all of the food was delicious, this was a time for us to really enjoy each others company and relax after a long work day.

check back next week for our next bachelorette featured wine and “tuesday family dinner” meal.

until next time

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