crafty koozies

last night, the crafting takeover began. what did i make you ask, well something that pretty much everyone uses…koozies. i had originally gotten the idea when i was sitting at the orlando city soccer game tailgate – thinking about how we could all have our own personalized koozie. and thanks to my awesome cricut machine, i was able to do just that.

crafty koozies
cricut crafty koozies

now i tested out this creation with some ideas that came together during the tailgate – centered around some of my closest friends:

  • oh for fox sake
  • unbelieva-ball
  • may the parker be with you
  • elephant
  • knight
  • monogram

now the story behind each. “oh for fox sake” really came from the fact that my dear friend’s last name is fox. so naturally this saying working perfectly (i actually made her a neoprene wine holder with the same design too). “unbeliva-ball” is truly a well thought out pun (i can’t take credit for it) as my friend’s boyfriend’s last name is ball so we couldn’t resist. as you know keith and i absolutely love star wars, so i took the chance to incorporate his last name into the popular phrase “may the force be with you”. the next two are truly to represent our alma maters – mine being bama and keith being ucf. i found the knight and elephant on the cricut design store, and wow were they perfect. true representation of our mascots! in additional (not shown) the bama kooize features “roll tide roll” and the ucf koozie “charge on” on the back. and the final one is just a classic monogram because who doesn’t love a good monogrammed koozie.

ultimately, i love the personalization that crafting brings to the table. the fact that you can take something so simple and put great meaning behind it is what i love.

until next time

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