bachelorette vino: week 5

another week, another bachelorette episode – and that means it was time for “tuesday family dinner”. now “tuesday family dinner” was a little smaller than normal due to our boyfriend’s work schedules, but it also allowed my best friend and i to have some quality girl time and watch our favorite guilty pleasure. for this week’s dinner, we wanted to go with more of a bbq theme. so thanks to pinterest and the whole 30 challenge website, i found a wonderful recipe for a crock pot pulled pork (recipe here).

the bachelorette: week 5 featured wine
the bachelorette: week 5 featured wine

i was so excited with how this meal turned out – more vinegar based with a dry rub, it was a delicious and light pulled pork. exactly what we wanted out of our meal. and my friend made some incredible diced roasted potatoes, which was the perfect side dish for this meal. and of course i have to highlight the wine of the evening – going with another wine from roblar, we chose a 2013 malbec from sonoma county. with a composition of about 94% malbec and 6% merlot, this wine is actually aged for 23 months in french oak barrels. and that small amount of merlot really enhances those fruit flavors to accent the classic spicy character of a malbec.

check in next week to see our featured “bachelorette” wine of the week and a new “tuesday family dinner” recipe.

until next time

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