orlando city soccer

this past weekend, my dear friends and i decided to have a fun, relaxing afternoon at the orlando city soccer game at camping world stadium. now, i will be the first to admit that i know absolutely nothing about soccer – thankfully some of my friends also don’t have an ounce of soccer knowledge either. so¬†ultimately, these gatherings are about the people even more than the actual event.

orlando city pride
part of my #orlandofamily

what better way to hang out with friends than at a tailgate. finding a spot pretty close to the stadium, we set up shop and soaked up the (HOT) sun. with brews, snacks, music and games – we couldn’t have asked for a better afternoon. we always love tailgating with our friends because one game ALWAYS gets brought out that we love – kubb. not a well known game, but man is it fun. described as a cross between bowling and horseshoes, the objective of the game is to knock over the wooden blocks (known as kubbs) on the opposing side and then ultimately the king. and how cool is this, it was allegedly created by the vikings – why some people know this game as “viking chess”. while it’s truly just a yard game, we make it fun by challenging each other and bringing out our competitive sides.

and if you thought kubb could get competitive, the soccer game was no different. playing toronto fc, this game was a battle until the end – in which orlando was victorious! and even though i don’t know much about soccer, i do know a lot about competitiveness within sports and obviously the excitement behind success.

this past saturday afternoon could not have been better…why?! because it was another moment that was captured throughout this journey called life. i have a pretty amazing orlando family and i know there will be more adventures and memories to come in the future.

until next time

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