#stitch626 dinner

as some of you may have read yesterday, keith and i just celebrated our one year dating anniversary. so naturally (being the people we are and having to work some of the day) we ended up relaxing at home most of the day, but later decided to go out for a delicious meal. our choice, slate orlando. not a surprise with this decision i know, but we wanted to go somewhere that we could go hang out and relax – a place of comfort. it doesn’t hurt that we’ve really become friends with some of the staff as they now know us by name – and that all mainly started by truly being interested in their passion, cooking. and because of that intrigue, we’ve actually learned a lot from them through watching their processes and just learning about cooking in general.

so as we got settled in for what we knew would be a wonderful dinner, we decided on the following selections:

charcuterie & cheese plate
charcuterie & cheese: pick 5

les cadrans de lassegue, st emilion, bordeaux, 2012

charcuterie & cheese: pick 5
meats – spicy capicola, soppresatta, prosciutto
cheeses – cypress grove purple haze, piave vecchio

full rack of ribs
house-cut fries, bbq sauce

passion fruit cheesecake mousse
sunflower graham crust, fresh seasonal fruit

hot cocoa sorbet

lavazza espresso

hot cocoa sorbet

now let me tell you, the meal started off right with our wine selection – a delightfully bold bordeaux. the wine was paired perfectly with our pick 5 charcuterie & cheese board. and i must tell you, i am expanding my palette because i actually enjoyed the piave vecchio cheese without any accompaniments. if you know me, you know this is NOT normal. from there, we moved on to the full rack of ribs – holy smokes was this incredible. we’ve been wanting to try this meal for a while, but always end up ordering something else. not this time and was it the best decision. literally falling off the bone, i haven’t had a rack of ribs this good in a while. and then of course, you can’t celebrate without dessert. so we each picked a dessert that suited our tastes – for keith, the passion fruit cheesecake mousse and for me, the hot cocoa sorbet. i can’t speak for the mousse, but the sorbet was absolutely delicious. it reminded me of the frozen hot chocolate from serendipity 3 in new york, but in the form of a scoop of sorbet. and topped with a toasted marshmellow, you can’t go wrong.

we couldn’t imagine spending our anniversary any other way – great company, wonderful food and an incredible atmosphere. that’s what life is about, creating these moments that you can then cherish forever.

until next time

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