any night’s a gatsby night

looking for a perfect date night in? look no further than a jazzed up, gatsby night.

i know most people think of gatsby as this huge party event, but you can also make it a low key night as well. considering the great gatsby is one of my favorite books of all time, this was a perfect way to creatively have a date night with my love.

so what did we do? well, i decided that we finally needed to watch the new version of the great gatsby since keith has never seen it. and with that decision, keith ended up surprising me with a bottle of champagne – the perfect drink to celebrate this low key gatsby night. so with our bubbly in hand, candles lit and a nicely prepared charcuterie board, we were ready to immerse ourselves into the world of gatsby. from the music to the storyline, i always fine myself enthralled with this movie – i think because even though it’s set in the 1920s, the issues are still relevant in today’s world. and i mean who wouldn’t have wanted to attend an actual jay gatsby party?!

gatsby date night charcuterie
gatsby date night charcuterie board

so while it doesn’t seem like much, it’s the little things that truly made this a great date night in. playing to the theme and really just enjoying the company beside me.

what is your favorite “date night in” idea old sport? comment below.

until next time

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