bachelorette vino: week 3

oh man, how about that double episode week of the bachelorette?! still so many twists and turns, and all the men got what they wanted – the “villain” is out of the house. such drama, but you have to hand it to the editing team for the show because i know most of us were thinking something incredibly bad was going to happen – and it ended up being so much calmer than what we anticipated. and with any bachelorette viewing, we had an incredible meal and vino to accompany – coined “tuesday family dinner” now.

so this week, we had the challenge to come up with a delicious whole 30 meal. my best friend is completing the whole 30 challenge for the month of june – so of course during family dinner night, we are going to make sure that everything fully complies. i found an incredible recipe for homemade marinara sauce and turkey meatballs (recipe here) – but with time constraints, we ended up just making a ground turkey marinara meat sauce with spaghetti squash and/or tri-color pasta (note: pasta is not part of whole 30). and come to find out, i actually like spaghetti squash, who knew?!

and with the italian theme of the evening (and for those not fully completing whole 30), we decided to pair our meal with a couple wonderful italian wines – this post highlighting the 2011 bricco visette barolo. bold with rich tannins, this wine was the PERFECT selection for the evening. it paired so nicely with the hearty meat sauce and spaghetti. definitely a bottle to purchase again (thankfully i still have one more left for now).

the bachelorette: week 3 featured wines

check in next week to see our featured “bachelorette” wine of the week and a new whole 30 meal.

until next time.

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