HOB takeover: crooked can

a couple weeks ago, i noticed a tweet from house of blues (HOB) orlando mentioning a crooked can tap takeover and immediately got excited. i know most of you may not know about crooked can, but it is a local brewery located in historical downtown winter garden, florida and is a local favorite. and this brand truly represents a free spirit, laid back approach while producing quality craft beer – something i learned a little more yesterday during this event. so incredible that they can create a brand centered around a way of life.

this event featured live music and six of crooked can’s finest beers – available in a full pour or flight of four 4oz. pours. i ended up opting for a flight choosing the following beers: beautiful buzz honey, mcswagger, high stepper and mr. tractor (descriptions below). with the flight, i was able to discover that i could broaden my horizons and try some new beers that i normally wouldn’t choose. and the best part – i liked every single one of them. i know my friends and i will definitely be visiting crooked can again very soon to try some more of their delicious brews.

crooked can tap takeover - HOB orlando
crooked can tap takeover – HOB orlando

flight selection descriptions
beautiful buzz honey, ALE
clear golden copper with a fizzy beige head. tastes like sweet malt, honey and citrus hops.

mcswagger, AMBER ALE
highly kilned and camel malt backbone and a healthy dose of cascade hops. american style amber has a copper to reddish brown hue with a mild fruity hop aroma.

high stepper, IPA
citrus forward multiple hop addition IPA with a clean finish. golden chestnut color with a well balanced malt profile.

mr. tractor, KOLSCH
brewed and cellared to be clean and crisp. with the right balance of german hops and 2-row malt, this is a great session beer.

if you have the chance, look up this awesome brewery at www.crookedcan.com.

until next time

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