michael’s ali coal fired pizza

you all may have seen a previous post of mine featuring a wonderful vendor from the plant street market in winter garden. well, do i have another one for you?! and this one will make you wish you were nearby so you can grab a quick slice. what could i be talking about? pizza of course. but not just any pizza – michael’s ali coal fired pizza.

you can immediately find michaels ali coal fired pizza, within the plant street market, through the delicious scent in the air. it also doesn’t hurt that they have a great location near the crooked can brewery. i mean pizza and beer, it’s a match made in heaven. this trip, keith and i decided on a simple sausage and pepperoni pizza, absolutely delicious and perfectly cooked.

mouth-watering, delicious coal fired pizza

they also have a great seating area where you can actually watch them make these mouth-watering pizzas – that’s where we ended up on this visit. in addition, you can also opt to get a text message when your order is ready that way you can continue to walk around to all of the boutique vendor stands inside the market (or maybe relax outside). such an awesome concept that way you can enjoy the rest of the market at your leisure.

if you are ever at the plant street market, be sure to grab a pizza pie. you will not be disappointed with your decision; i know i can’t wait until our next visit to try another wonderful creation.

until next time

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