charity miles – team golfnow

it’s always amazing to find a greater purpose in something that you are already doing in your daily life. and that is exactly what happened when i recently found out about charity miles through my work organization, golfnow. being that i am now running a lot more than i used to with training, i was extremely excited to hear about this program and how we can make a quick impact on some wonderful organizations.

so what exactly is charity miles and the reasoning behind it? well it’s stated in their mantra “every mile matters”. it’s a way that all of us can truly move with a purpose choosing from over thirty world-class charities to support (all of which are leaders in their respectful fields). for instance, last night i logged two miles for the st. jude children’s research hospital – where my miles logged will then turn into money for this incredible organization. i must say, it’s also a great motivation as you are participating in something so much bigger than yourself. so as you start to hit that wall during a run or you don’t think you can go one more step, you ultimately end up pushing through it knowing that you are benefiting such a great cause.

put on those shoes, let's get started
put on those shoes and let’s get started

i know i can’t wait to log more miles for some of these wonderful charities. learn more about charity miles here and sign up today to make a difference.

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