featured friday: barolo

it’s friday…time to celebrate. what better way to celebrate than with a featured wine of the week. while i wish i could be enjoying a glass of wine at this moment, the weekend is almost here. this week’s featured wine is actually from one of my favorite local places – somm orlando.

featured wine
nebbiolo: la foia barolo, piedmont italy, 2009

as we enjoyed this wine at somm, we also were able to get a little lesson on the piedmont region from the wine bible. yes there really is a wine bible. it was actually quite fascinating to read about as it allowed us to understand the different layers of the wine and why it has a distinct taste. very similar to a robust bordeaux, barolo is actually one of italy’s most powerful reds – made from the nebbiolo grape which is known for its forceful tannin. and did you know that barolo is one of the longest-aged wines in italy? such awesome information in this book. and we completely forgot that keith actually has it at home until we started reading it at somm. i guess i know we what will start reading while drinking wine at home now.

if you haven’t made your way over to this location yet, be sure to plan a date night or even a nice work happy hour there. it’s a place where you can truly relax and enjoy some beautiful wine selections.

until next time

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