#FWcon day 2 recap

just when i though the first night of the food wine conference couldn’t be beat, i was proven wrong. day 2 was just as great, maybe even better?! the second day was really when we started to dive into the breakout sessions and learn from some of the industry experts. i mean, our keynote speaker was none other than donatella arpaia – food network star, acclaimed chef, restaurateur and lifestyle brand. and in her keynote, she really highlighted defining moments that got her to where she is today. as she was talking through those, it really made me think about my very own defining moments in life. we all have them, it’s our reaction to them that truly shapes us into the person we become.

here’s an example: at 16 years old i decided that i was going to graduate high school and go to college a full year earlier than i was supposed to. some had thought i was crazy, but in my mind i knew it was the right thing to do. i had been training and competing on the usa gymnastics national team at the time, but i knew my path was pulling me to start college gymnastics instead of deferring a couple years to continue on the team. fast forward 4 years from that date, i had received a nike internship in los angeles and then a professional disney internship the following year. luck, destiny, coincidence? maybe so. however, i don’t know if i would’ve been exposed to those opportunities if i hadn’t made the decision to go to college that year early. same with my blog, it’s all about following a gut and passion.

in addition to this theme of moments, everyone continued to stress the importance of “being authentic”. that really hit home for me as i believe that truly ties to following your passions and really just being yourself. too often, everyone is trying to fit in when in reality we need to focus on what makes us happy. so while i was attending a food wine conference, the lessons we much more than that. i can’t wait to share more updates about day 3 of #FWcon.

until next time

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