#FWcon day 3 recap

well the weekend has come and gone, and that means the food wine conference is officially over. it’s crazy to me how a weekend can fly by in such a blur. for the last day of the conference, we actually were located at the rosen college of hospitality management that way we could break out into smaller sessions to focus on our key interests. it actually seemed to flash most of us back to our college days since we were learning in the school’s lecture halls. i know most of you have to remember those incredibly uncomfortable seats in every lecture hall – and i took it a step further sporting my backpack filled with binders and conference notebooks (old habit).

but let me tell you, having that notebook handy was a requirement as i learned so much to help improve my blog and ideas that i had to write it all down. from following your mission (light bulb moment for me) to being yourself, each guest speaker taught us something new. my favorite part of the day was a seminar called “the care and feeding of your blog” taught by heather mcpherson (former food editor for the orlando sentinel). i say it was my favorite part, not because i’ve now learned how to be this highly successful blogger, but because she spoke from the heart and really touched me with her words. sometimes it’s not all about being successful, but it’s most important to TRY – something she touched on during her session (something learned from the girls scouts promise). it’s in those moments, that i know starting this blog was the right decision – to TRY and see what happens. will i be successful and have this huge following?! i’m not sure, but at least i know that i am doing something that is a passion of mine and that’s what matters most. i want to inspire people to live in the moment and i hope that i’ve been able to do that for some of you.

top five things learned over the weekend

  • be authentic
  • find your voice
  • nurture your blog or project
  • be community minded – support others
  • be reliable

thank you #FWcon for a wonderful weekend.

until next time

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