t-town never down


april 27, 2011 was just an ordinary day. i was a student in tuscaloosa at the university of alabama starting to get ready for my upcoming finals. little did we know, that day was going to be one that we would never forget for our entire lives.

five years ago today, a deadly tornado tore through the city of tuscaloosa leveling multiple portions of the city. though we were all very lucky to make it through the storm, i will never forget that day as one of my teammates (and best friend) was outside throughout the entire tornado. not knowing if she was going to survive the storm, she bravely let instinct take over and fortunately made it through. it’s in those moments that we realize what is truly important in our lives, especially because some people weren’t so lucky. and every year on this day, i am always reminded about how thankful i am that she made it through that storm because i don’t know what life would be like without this forever friend.

we never know what life will throw at us, but we live the life we are given. so remember the truly important things in life – friends, family and loved ones – because those are irreplaceable.

watch my friend kayla’s story below. it will give you chills listening to her and her now husband about the experience.

roll tide always

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