one of my favorite places on disney property for lunch is sanaa at disney’s animal kingdom lodge. tucked away on the first floor of the kidani village area, this restaurant not only delivers on amazing quality food but the atmosphere is unlike anything else. i mean who can say they ate lunch with giraffes and zebras right outside their window?!

keith and i went there not too long ago, actually the day before my very first half marathon. i figured i needed as much fuel as i could get and this was definitely a great option. truthfully, i couldn’t pass up having their amazing naan bread – it’s all about the carbs.

kpsquared top choices
kingfisher premium lager – india
safari amber

indian style bread service
we always splurge and get all 9 accompaniments. in addition, we typically substitute the onion kulcha and papadum bread for naan. it’s just so good.

potjie inspired
butter chicken, braised beef, and basmati or five-grain pilaf

dessert trio
tanzanian chocolate mousse, lemon lychee tart and seasonal kulfi

if you are staying on property for vacation, or even an orlando local, i highly recommend visiting sanaa for some incredible african inspired food. and hey, after your meal you can take a step outside to see all of the incredible wildlife roaming around. that’s something you cannot beat.

until next time

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