rollin’ with the force


as i was watching the princess half marathon about a week ago, i noticed all of the awesome shirts (and costumes) people made for these races. with that it inspired me to start thinking creatively to find cool phrases that i could use for my 10k and 1/2 marathon in april…thinking star wars of course?! thanks to my handy dandy cricut, i was able to make my shirts come alive with some fun phrases that incorporate some things near and dear to my heart.

shirt one
faith, trust and the force
i’ve always loved the phrase “faith, trust and pixie dust” so why not put a little star wars spin to it. who knows, maybe the combination of the force and pixie dust will keep me going throughout the races.


shirt two
rollin with the force
this is my clever way to stay true to star wars and my alma mater. i mean i had to do it?! front of the shirt is pictured above. and my never forgotten roll tide on the back (below).


hope this inspires some of you to go out and get crafty
may the force be with you

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