another day, another #starwarshalf

i can’t believe that my 4th star wars half marathon is now under my belt. and like always, this race was incredible – especially for a star wars nerd like me.  i mean combining running and star wars, how could it get any better?

now, like many of my other races this year – i definitely felt a little behind the eight ball with training. however, i didn’t let some of the doubt creep in – trusting that i have ran this distance before and still had some good mileage under my belt. thankfully that positive attitude helped get me through the race and honestly it was probably one of the most enjoyable races i’ve had.

running through epcot
taking a little stroll through epcot at mile 12

it wasn’t about time or speed, but it was all about having fun. something that i still sometimes have to remind myself of because i can get a bit competitive with my sports background. however, i am not there to win the race but to accomplish the fact that i finished 13.1 miles. and hey, i personal recorded the amount of times i stopped for a picture during the race…a PR is a PR, ha!

in all seriousness, as i started the race i knew that it wouldn’t be a fast run, especially with the weather. so i ultimately decided that i wanted to get as many pictures as i could; ending up with i think 8 stops? roughly around there. i got to see chewbacca, darth maul, stormtroopers and so much more! i mean, how could you not get excited to see some of those characters. and i must say, my picture with darth maul is probably one of my favorites (i may have had a little bit of fun with that one)! a huge thanks to disney photopass for capturing some incredible pictures throughout the race.

picture with darth maul on the race course
cheesy posing with darth maul

as a true “run/walk” time i ended up finishing in 2:47:38; however with all of the picture stops i ended up finishing right around 3:16:00. not too shabby if you ask me. and i met so many people along the race route – just emphasizing the fact that not only is the running community amazing, but the star wars community is too!

chewbacca on the race course
with the one and only, chewbacca

congratulations to all of the runners to ran the rival run star wars half marathon! next up, the ioa corporate 5k and the rundisney virtual series featuring marvel. nerd alert! i am so excited to earn those medals. what races is everyone else getting ready for?

until next time

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