the end of the fanatic season…

i can’t believe the track shack running series is already over. i swear it seems like yesterday that we were running the “celebration of running 5k” in august. amazing how time just seems to fly by now a days! however i must say, the winter park road race was an amazing close to the series.

now, i won’t lie – i definitely was not the most prepared for this race. since the gasparilla 15k i ran in february, i really only ran about 4 miles (total). i seriously fell off the training train! but i was able to run 3 miles on the thursday leading into race day and surprisingly felt great. definitely a good confidence boost leading into the 10k distance. so needless to say, i didn’t really have much expectation for time, at all.

however, i stuck to my normal interval cadence – 4 minute run/1 minute walk. after starting the race, i was actually feeling pretty good – but honestly not really paying attention to my pacing. i mainly ran off how i felt. i find that sometimes that’s the best way to go. and my results completely shocked me!

i ended up finishing in 1:01:59 – only 1 minute off of my PR time from a couple years ago at this race (1:00:59). i think i was more so just surprised that i was able to be so close to a PR with intervals, when 2 years ago i ran the entire race! amazing what the body can do.

track shack running series medal

i honestly am so glad that i had a happy and healthy 2018-2019 race series. over the past few years as a fanatic, i am just amazed by (1) how track shack continues to put on the greatest races and (2) the incredible support that surrounds the orlando running community. the amount of times i heard that PR bell ring, just wonderful. it’s one of the best things to see people reach their goals. and i know, i am already looking forward to next year!

and bonus, the registration to become a track shack fanatic is now open. if you are thinking about joining – i highly recommend it! i cannot say more great things about this series. track shack really knows how to put on incredible events?!

but, there are still more races to come in the next month: the star wars: rival run and ioa corporate 5k (team golf)!

until next time

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