our top nyc bars

ah, the city that never sleeps!

if you’ve been following some of my posts, you definitely know that new york city is one of my favorite places in the world. any chance i get to visit, i take it. and thankfully, my fiancé is just as much of a fan as i am! now, i feel like we are still having withdrawals from our trip in december and itching to get back to the city. but in the meantime, i wanted to highlight some of our top bar locations in nyc.

death & co

death & co is actually a brand that my fiancé has been following for quite some time – so needless to say, this was a MUST visit for us in december. and oh my goodness, this bar is one-of-a-kind and true to the “speakeasy” spirit. now, the prohibition era (1920s) is my favorite, so it’s no surprise that i loved this location. and while i typically don’t drink craft cocktails, i was blown away by the quality of cocktails they made. and bonus…i just had to tell the bartender the types of craft cocktails that i normally drink, and he was able to whip up something off-menu that way absolutely delicious. needless to say, worth the visit!


if you want amazing views of the city, i highly recommend visiting manhatta. located on the 60th floor of a downtown skyscraper, this bar has the most incredible views of the manhattan skyline. we ended up visiting this bar right after we got engaged, and i couldn’t think of a more perfect place to celebrate. and not only were the cocktails and bubbly wonderful, but i also had a french onion soup burger (yes, you read that correctly). talk about a mouth-watering meal. we will definitely be visiting this place again!


we actually found this place after reading about it in an article on verve wine’s blog, soif. so while in tribeca, we decided to stop buy and check it out. we are definitely glad that we did. this place had a great selection of wines, spirits and craft cocktails. and bonus, it is literally a quick walk away from verve wine – which we all know is a HUGE favorite of mine!

ward III

we ended up randomly finding this place one night roaming around tribeca after our wine club tasting party at verve wine. and what a cute place. keith was in heaven because there was a large assortment of whiskeys, scotches and bourbons on the menu (some of his favorites)! so if you are a spirits person, you cannot go wrong by visiting this location. and honestly, i love what they say on their website, “we believe everyone deserves a great bar to visit and that a great bar means more good times. order yourself something grand and let’s let the good times roll!

emmett o’lunney’s irish pub

if you’re looking for a great irish bar, this is a place for you. we actually found this pub on our trip during st. paddy’s day and we keep going back. located in the heart of the theatre district, this location is easily accessible from many of the most popular spots in nyc. with an extensive menu and great selections of beer, whiskey and more to choose from – there is something for everyone! and i mean, how can you go wrong with a pub in the city?!

while these are just some of our favorites, there are so many amazing bar locations to choose from in the city. i know we can’t wait to continue exploring to see what gems we can find over future trips.

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