do you #run4love?

happy three year bloggiversary to me (well, a day late)! i seriously cannot believe that i started this blog three years ago – and whether this is the first post you’re reading or you’ve been on my blog before – thank you for visiting! this has been quite a fun journey and i can’t wait to continue to share more adventures throughout the upcoming years.

and has fate would have it, it seems like right around my bloggiversary is the orlando track shack #run4love race – which is perfect because i feel like this race reminds us to do what we love. and this past weekend was no exception. this race is always a hit, with so much support all the way around.

remember not to take life too seriously…

now this race was really just a great training run for me – not really too focused on pace and just getting in some miles before the gasparilla 15k that i have coming up. and thankfully, i had a friend to run with – which i don’t know about everyone else, but running with others seriously makes the time go by so quickly for me! i am a bit of a chatty cathy – so maybe that’s why! regardless, it was an incredible race, and truly embraced the whole spirit of love – from seeing couples out there running together to someone finding their new found love in running. i know for me, each race is a journey and holds a different meaning. over the past few years (thanks to my friend), i have found a love for this sport. and while i am not the fastest of the bunch, i love sharing my own love for running – which has given me an outlet to relieve stress, be competitive and overall enjoy the community. i will say it again and again, the running community is seriously the best!

congrats to everyone who participated in the #run4love race and here’s to many more years of this blogging adventure. and thank you to all of those who have followed, read and supported #kpmoments along the way.

until next time

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