a lake nona block party

another weekend, another race complete. part of me was extremely nervous for this race, mainly because my main focus was to stay healthy leading up to the chicago marathon next weekend. i seriously cannot believe the marathon is only 7 days away! part of me is like “what was i thinking signing up for a marathon, ” but then i also have this feeling of strength knowing that i will be running 26.2. but i won’t lie, this race was definitely not my greatest (which honestly, wasn’t the best feeling leading into next weekend). however, i know that i’ve completed all of my training and i am ready.

run nona 5k bling

in florida fashion, the weather was HOT, HOT, HOT! over 90+ degrees, the run was definitely a brutal one as it relates to weather – running directly into the sun for about half the race. so needless to say, it definitely contributed to my “slow but steady” performance – but hey, it ended up being a great race regardless. even though the sun could’ve turned down a few notches yesterday. averaging around an 11:50 pace, it was the best way to finish off my chicago training – minus a couple quick runs next week.

one of my favorite parts of last night was seeing how many kids were out in full force. i almost think there were more kids in attendance than last year, it was incredible! it’s amazing how many of those young kids are already enjoying the sport of running and man they were FAST. i could not believe how quick some of these kids were, especially during the mile. super impressive!

overall, the race was great and now it’s time to prepare for the chicago marathon. it’s almost here!

until next time

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